April 18

How Can You Be Good at Sales?

I have started to think about what I am going to do in my life and so far the best solid opportunity that I have is something with a rather poor view from the public, selling used cars. Of course for the most part the fact is that people who sell used cars have the reputation for not being honest. That is not something that seems really practical here, as we have really strong lemon laws. I have been thinking about how to be good at it, and it seems that you should try to learn consultative selling if you want to be in it for a long time. If you see it as a temporary job, then you could probably get away with just trying to get over on the customer. If you want to be in it for a long long time, then it seems to me that you could do well by doing the exact opposite.

The best way to get new sales is to not to do it yourself to be honest, but instead you need the people who you have made sales to. A neutral party who vouches for you is worth a lot to you in this sort of thing. For example if you look at yelp reviews, that is something that you want to favor you. If you could have a lot of good reviews and few bad ones, then that is going to encourage the buyers. It is not something you can control, beyond doing your best to do right by the other person in the deal. It is not so hard to say that, but of course you want to be careful The truth is that you are going to run into people that you can not ever please and there is little to do about that.

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