July 17

Access to a Fun Secret

Most people think hacking is a bad thing, but it can often be used for good. There was a company that was throwing a party, but they wanted people to figure out the location of their party by getting into their account. The only way to figure it out was to figure out the password, but there as no way I could do that alone. I could have typed a bunch of random passwords in and I still wouldn’t have gotten it. I had to use an Instagram password hack to get into the account.

Once I was into the account, things weren’t exactly what I though they would be. I thought the location of the party would be laid out in a single post, but it was split among the posts like some kind of puzzle. They really wanted people to use their brains to figure out the location. I would think that making the location so hidden would prevent a lot of people from showing up to the party, but I guess they thought it wouldn’t be that hard for people to figure out. I had to look at each post on the account, which as 24 posts in all.

There was a message written in each post in the format of a riddle. The riddles were fairly easy to solve, kind of like the ones that people hear in elementary school. Each answer was a one word answer, and when combined, they form a sentence that told the location of the party. I put the location into my GPS and drove there. There were already a few people at the party that figured out the location before I did. Over the next hour, more people came and we talked and danced. I hope something like this happens again.

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